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August 2007



The Funeral Consumers Alliance of Monmouth and Ocean Counties is an entirely volunteer run, not-for-profit consumer education organization that offers you the information and encouragement you need to plan final arrangements appropriate to your personal beliefs and circumstances.

January 2007


Click here for remote computer assistance, then click RUN, and RUN

***Note be sure to call ahead 1-732-492-6072 EasiWebsites must activate our control on our end.

June 2006

Back To Camp Website Completed

Remember...your last day of sleep away camp, hugging all your friends, saying goodbye & promising to keep in touch. A part of you was very sad, knowing that this may be your last time ever being at your camp with your friends with no worries in the world. Some friends you have kept in touch with and some you haven’t seen since then but you still reminisce about these carefree times that you will never forget…  www.BackToCamp.com

February 2006 New link for all Easi Affiliates

August 2005 Totally redesigned www.EasiWebsites.com

March 2004 Seminars on the structure of communication improvement
We have held several seminars on the structure of communication within the departments. This has been done on the grounds of introducing the new Project Tracking System last year. The idea was to enhance the communication means and methods between project managers, client managers and team leaders.

February 2004 Office renovation
EasiWebsites offices have gone under renovation. An in-house competition for the new design was used to come up with a more creative design. Congratulations and thanks goes to the winning team!

January 2004 New maintenance offerings
Every month we are producing and designing new websites for our clients. However we do not stop here. We offer our clients full support, doing all work necessary to keep the site error-free. This month we are introducing new maintenance offerings including five packages different to keep your site looking and running its best: Site Maintenance.

December 2003 Innovative Ideas
Our design department continues to grow and mature. Our portfolio makes it clear that both our new designers and the designers that have been with us for years have kept us on the creative edge. We are constantly introducing innovative ideas in all new work.

September 2003 Personnel Training Courses and Bonuses
The management team of our Web Development Company has introduced a new system of bonuses that are paid monthly or annually depending on the worker’s progress, his abilities and creativity. We are also starting the training courses for the personnel. They are aimed at increasing the staff awareness of new tendencies and techniques in the field of design and programming. The idea is to bring the level of quality to a very high standard and meet the requirements of today’s competitive web world.

August 2003 Work process improvement
Our Web Development Company has been working on creating the supplements to the Project Tracking System. The idea of which will be to assist the clients and developers in observing the progress bar on their projects. The designers and programmers will keep constant track of the tasks and will have the exact idea of the time line. This should improve the efficiency of work and client satisfaction.

July 2003 Modernization and Upgrade
This month’s keywords are “modernization and upgrade”. We have improved the quality assurance process and perfected the Project Tracking System, by adding new features intended to provide fast access and ease of use.

We are working on our new Statistics Project – which is going to be launched soon. EasiWebsites is also planning on opening a Hosting Company.

We continue to welcome new members to the team – our developers’ and management staff have gained two new experienced specialists. Nine new projects have been created with their help and participation.

June 2003 Project Tracking System
Project Tracking System has been designed to enhance the communication between clients and EasiWebsites developers. By using it the client is able to track the progress of his project. He is given the opportunity to post comments, questions and requests to the team. He can report bugs and see to their correction. The requests are always analyzed and taken into consideration, which helps to speed up the process of site development.

The system has been recently launched and proved to be working successfully. We have already received positive feedback from our clients, saying it improves the interaction process and accelerates the project development. Certainly the system turned out to be fast, dependable, and efficient. We are now working on advancing its features to make it more beneficial for both parties.

We would like to thank all our clients for their active participation and use of the new service. We really appreciate it!

May 2003 Company’s expansion
We have hired four new team members who immediately took up to their duties. The number of projects is growing; our programmers and designers are working on new tasks every day. We are currently tackling a lot of projects, the creative part of which has been completed and now the technical side is in progress.

We have launched  18 new sites this month and are also introducing Project Management System aimed at improving our communication with clients. With the implementation of the system our clients will be able to have an up-to-date feedback on their projects, and the interaction process will be accelerated. We hope you will appreciate our innovation!

April 2003 New EasiWebsite Design

We have changed the design, added more colors and better flow to the site, and greatly increased the ammount of information about our company and services. The easy-to-navigate layout of the site will allow you to get a better feel for what we do and view many more examples of our work in the Portfolio section. Please feel free to browse our promotions and even become a partner via the Affilate Program. If you are looking for a job, the Careers section has been designed just for you. Keep an eye on our site for weekly additions to our portfolio and other updates.

March 2003 Work Efficiency Improvement
This is the "Work Efficiency Improvement" month. The employee poll showed that to elevate work efficiency and to encourage our staff we have to do some restructuring of the company. The first step in this process was to reform the Sales Department. Now it consists of two separate units; Sales and the Customer Care Department.

January 2003 Rational Unified Process
Our company has introduced the Rational Unified Process (RUP). This software engineering process is aimed at guiding software development organizations toward greater speed, efficiency, and quality.

2002 Summary
The opening of a new office marked the beginning of one of the most successful years in the company's life so far. The number of employees grew from 5 to 20. The newly hired staff have been toiling to creating 87 web-sites of all levels of complexity, crafting a myriad custom-made software, carrying out business-process reengineering, and producing sophisticated graphic designs. Our specialists have also invented and implemented advanced modules for our Content Management System (CMS), online casinos, and complex multifunctional E-commerce solutions. To produce even greater quality products, we have raised our quality standards and hired a Quality Assurance Engineer, allowing us to recieve the coveted ISO 9001 certificate. We have also become a candidate for CMM Level 2 certificate. Our client circle is ever expanding and we are now collaborating with customers from the US, Canada, Germany, Great Britain, Belgium, France, and Russia.

1999-2001 Summary
Established in 1999, EasiWebsites was a small company with only three people working in an office with dial-up internet access. After two and a half years of arduous work we have created and launched 15 sites, developed many web-interfaces, redesigned several sites, produced software applications, and presented several stationary design projects.

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