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Logo design
A logo is more than just a bunch of pretty graphics put together. It tells a short story of your company. It is situated at the forefront of the brand image that the public will have. Imagination is the fabric of opportunity, and here is your chance to put your mind with ours to create a unique logo to represent your company. So whether you need a brand new logo or merely wish to retool your existing one, our graphic artists are the specialists for this task.


Just as every story has a beginning chapter, the starting point for every company begins with its logo. Your logo is the most visible aspect of your company to the general public. Take company giant Coca Cola; not many people can tell you who the current CEO is, but practically all can recall the design of the red and white Coke logo. What we are trying to convey is the idea that you never get another chance to make a first impression. If the customer is turned off at your business logo, it can have a lasting negative impact.

Terms & price
The term of development - 5 days
(after the customer provides all the materials)
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